Sunday, June 15, 2014

Annie Koop has gone home

She was almost 89. Her husband Daniel is a spry 100+ years old. They flirted to the end. Very much in love.
She had a family of 10. Survived by a family of 149. She prayed for each of them daily.

She was born in Crimea and the men of her family were "disappeared" during the war. She and her mom escaped to Canada.

Donations in her memory may be made to MB Missions or Square One Media

Mom loved to describe her life in Russia. At age 16 they had to flee. Make dresses of old library books. Stood up to her employer and refused to make moonshine.

Had to work to pay for passage to Canada.

She married Dan, a father of 8 in 1960. They had 2 more.

She was always helping everyone unselfishly. She was the best teacher.

Loved outdoors. Camping. Travel. Volunteered. Supported charities. Read many books.

Faith in Jesus Christ was her anchor in life.

Alan Labun:
Ps 97 delight yourself in the Lord saying yes to God.
Ps 121 help prayer
World war 2 her mom and sisters had to flee. She was featured in a movie "And When They Shall Ask"

She managed to fit into the Koop family. She hosted large parties on short notice.
The journey of life is a one way trip.  Rom 8 in all things God works... for those who love him.

There are a thousand ways to get lost only one way home with Jesus. The Lord watches over you.

To became like Jesus. That was her life.
"I'm walking through the door "The Door"", were her last words.  She had a very deep peace.
Lasst die Herzen immer Froehlich
She was a person of prayer. LET'S PRAY!

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