Sunday, June 22, 2014

Once upon a Parable: Shrewd

Elton Da Silva
The despised Samaritan helped the beat up man.
We all want to be more like Jesus. Disciple.
Jesus was despised. He wants us to be helpful like he is. Self sacrificing.
What is grace?
Reaching out to undeserving individuals. A Jewish man was beat up. He had taken the roundabout road to avoid Samaritans. The priest refused to help the beat up Jew. We need to pay attention to the least deserving.
2 Grace interrupts our plans. The good Samaritan was a merchant with plans to sell his goods but grace interrupted his plans. Life is so scheduled.
3 Grace is not afraid of messy situations. This man was dirty beaten bloody. He poured oil and wine on the dirty bloody man.  And then he got himself dirty by loading this man.
4 Grace comforts while making someone else comfortable. We like our donkeys too much.  Get off your ass. Grace calls you to help someone. Grace says surrender. Let someone else shine
5 Grace is costly. Money time space. $200? Finance The need. I will pray for you is often a copout. The churches created scools and hospitals at huge cost by the church.
Grace never demands the end of the story. We don't know what happened. Did the Jewish man survive? Did he still hate Samaritans?
God invites you to participate in his story.

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