Sunday, June 08, 2014

Transforming Communities

2 years from now will I care that I played CandyCrush and beat level 250?

Transforming Communities
Is opening up 2 more sites in Toronto. Lead pastor positions available
Luke 4.42 Jesus spent time alone with God.  If that was important to him, it should be important to us. What if we started the day with Bible time how different would our day be?

How do we make choices to concentrate on God?
"I must spread the message in other towns too"

He brings healing to the blind. Jesus sets everyone free. Share the news with everyone.

God Enters Staged Left book
Tee shirt time. $10

Attend Home Church

Simple choices party time invite your neighbors.

Ch5 let down the nets and catch some fish.
Jesus collected ordinary people as his followers.

Jesus the carpenter asked the professional fisherman to do things differently. Peter listened to the carpenter and great things happened.

Jesus called those people.

Stop and talk to people. Invest in others
What are the small choices you need to make to change and invest in your own and community growth?

Our exceptions are excuses that lead to regrets.

Mostly our choices are about choosing the good things instead of the best.

What are 1 or 2 choices you need to make today?

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