Sunday, November 06, 2016

Evening Service Teen Challenge

Cory Rettaler Program Director at:

Music: Sweet Holy Spirit
There's a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place
And I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord
There are sweet expressions on each face
And I know they feel the presence of the Lord

Sweet Holy Spirit... sweet heavenly dove...
Stay right here with us
Filling us with Your love

And for these blessings
We lift our hearts in praise
Without a doubt we know
That we'll have been revived
When we shall leave this place

One of our favorite Pat Boone songs after our first born son Kris died.

We each need a personal revelation from God.

David Wilkerson asked: whatever happened to repentance?

Real change comes after real repentance. Jesus preached repentance all the time. Get ready now for Jesus's coming again.
Woo woop!
What are you holding on to? Repent. Get in the right place! You might look good on the outside but be full of dead man's bones. You can't fool God.

Repentance is more than walking in the opposite direction. The Bible tells us it's more. To feel remorse and to WANT to change direction. Do what it takes. Get good mind food. Train yourself to want it for yourself. Change comes when I realized that I was hurting my Father and his creation. When I'm hurting me I'm hurting everyone. Need to Want real change.
Godly sorrow produces Repentance. Need to get sick of the sinful life. Not having fun. Homeless. In a crack shack. Not Fun.
Do you think just believing in Jesus is enough?
Are masses of unrepentant people thinking they'll get to heaven on easy street?
TC has impacted 100s of 1000s over the years. You need true repentance.
Jesus died on the cross for you. Repeat after me. My wife had a huge collection of horror movies. Now she has repented and can't stand them any more.
Real repentance can lead to a pile of tears. Overwhelmed about what God is doing. Peter cried when he realized that he had denied his Lord Jesus. God is greater than anything.

Keep repenting. Sorrow for sin should be our constant teacher. Deep sorrow is good. 7 churches of Revelation are given a view of themselves. 2:4 lost love.
We are here to dedicate our lives to Jesus. Love God with all your heart.
Repent. Not enough time?

Become best friends with the Holy Spirit. Say yes to Jesus.

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