Saturday, February 16, 2019

Menno & Leona Loewen wedding

Milton Loewen message
The house is full. Lots of friends. 
I'm happy for my brother and pleased to be here. 
Let your faith guide your life. 
Be joined as one as you pray. 
God ordained the marriage. It is very good. 
Rejoice when you trust God. Let them always shout for joy. God's promise is for those who trust him. 
Revelation 19.7 rejoice at the marriage supper of the lamb. 
It's the blessing of God's creation to have a wedding. 
Be patient in tribulation. 
Isaac was comforted when he married Rebekah. 
Boaz was friendly to Ruth and Ruth was comforted.
I'm happy for Menno and for Leona. 
We are close brothers. 
Menno was joyful when he announced he had a girlfriend.
Let's pray. 
We thank you Lord that they want to follow you and we ask that you bless them. 

We have all prayed for them and we trust that this is God's leading. 

Will you in the sight of God promise to... as long as God gives you life. 
Will you accept his children and grand children as your own?

Will you his children and grand children accept Leona as your own mother and grand mother?

Please stand to affirm. 

145. Song. Welch ein segen

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