Wednesday, November 02, 2005

At the hospital all day

We had a lovely sunset in Manitoba after the rain.

Renee and Martha and friends hung around the hospital all day starting at 8 am. Renee had the last of the four three hour IV doses of AraC for this first cycle of the Consolidation chemo today. This was followed by a shot of asparginase 3 hours later. Before they could go, they had to wait for the G-CSF. After that, they had to wait for the ensaflon to go in for the G-CSF shots. There was some confusion as to whether the insurance was going to pay for it. It's a very expensive drug.

Tony, whose mother Martha has been getting to know, was scheduled for a transplant this week. Today they found out that he had relapsed. His mom was very worried. Martha kept her company for two hours while she was waiting to talk with the doctor.

Teresa and Audrey were in Renee's room, but she was sleeping most of day because of the anti-nausea drugs. Renee had been throwing up last night, so they gave her extra medication as a precaution.

Now Renee is finished chemo for this week. Her counts were good. ANC 5.9 Hgb 8.3 WBC 6.2

By the weekend Renee will be neutrapenic. Next week she gets more chemo again. Prognosis remains good.

This morning I went to a breakfast presentation by ScootAround. Very interesting! Then I convinced Dr Friesen to do a new procedure on my #23 eye tooth. He used a carbon fibre post and acrylic over the root to create a solid fondation for the new crown. I call this the Raymond procedure. Time will tell if this works. Maybe I should patent it!

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