Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Nov 28

Renee was sleeping because of the medication she got today because of an allergic reaction to something she got or ate. Renee's WBC had been up to .5 for a few days and now it has been down to .2 the last couple of days. She gets platelet transfusions every couple of days and red cell transfusions at least once a week.

I took Karalee to MTYP, tried to locate Justin so he could join me for dinner, didn't find him and went to Muddy Waters for a meal that was less than excellent.

Karalee is busy writing stories, and Alayna is busy reading. My computer went on the fritz so I'm reduced to using the laptop....

I'm planning to go to Vidir tomorrow, to a networking breakfast with the Trade Commissioners from Poland and Mexico on Wednesday, fly to NYC Thursday with a Toronto stop, then on to Orlando on Friday, returing to NYC Saturday, and Winnipeg on Monday.

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