Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Flying again

I'm looking forward to seeing my New York family again, but I'm torn to be leaving my precious daughters at home.

Flight leaves at 5:55 am with a stop for business in Toronto, arriving in NYC by about 7 pm

The next day I'm off to Orlando for the Vidir Florida Christmas banquet. Back to NYC Saturday, and home again Monday.

Renee and Martha are still sitting in the hospital room waiting for Renee's counts to go up. She has had some fever since Sunday, and they are trying to figure out which is the best medication for her at this time. The bacteria that has been growing in the cultures might be resistant to one of the antibiotics, so they are going to try another antibiotic.

For more info check Renee's blog

Thanks for your prayers and support. Every email and phone call is much appreciated.

Raymond Dueck

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