Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beatitudes: blessed are those who mourn

Delbert Enns pastor
Matthew 5:1-14 God blesses those... They will be comforted.

Mission report; Manitoba house builds relationships in the north end. Free breakfast Saturday. Witnesses for Jesus.

There is a song in the dessert. Maybe today is when you will hear that song.

Blessed = speak well of - eulogy.
Say it now: "I bless you and wish you well."

Malachi 4:1 has words of judgement and then there are 400 years of silence from God. Silence treatment is the worst treatment you can hand out.

Now Jesus brought words of comfort and creates a paradigm shift. The beginning of a new era where the weak inherit the world.
Those who weep will laugh now. Mother Teresa said the worst form of poverty is to think we don't need God.
During the Olympics Canada became the Nation of Canada.
Bored people are not excited. James 4:3 worldly pleasure seeking is not blessed.
Stories of disappointment - Henry had a chosen son Ted. Darcy and Ted got killed at the railway crossing.
Laurie's daughter has hyperthyroidism. An ongoing burden of health issues.
How do you deal with the pain? Get involved in church and community. Have time alone with God. Open God's Word. There is no one else but Jesus.
Friday Laurie's daughter went back to doctor with pain. Tests showed everything is "frightfully normal".
There is a sorrow only Jesus can deal with.

Psalm 32:1-5 joy for those .... forgiven. I confess my rebellion... You forgave me! All my guilt is gone.

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