Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mennville EMC

Presentation by Mike Petkof CEF missionary to the gypsies of Greece.
Gypsies have no rights in Greece, and get their squatter's camps destroyed from time to time. Renee worked at one of the camps when she and Karyn went to Greece in 2004. Ministry in the camps is effective and appreciated in a country that protects the Greek Orthodox Church with anti-proselytizing laws.

Dwight Plett pastor: Lorna has been suffering pain and not sure why. Thanks for your prayers and support. It's good to be part of the Mennville family.

Palm Sunday.

Jesus did some house cleaning at the temple. For the 2nd time.

Zeal for God's house will consume me.

As a 12 year old, Jesus spent 3 days discussing theology with the priests. No wonder he got upset when the Gentiles got displaced by the merchants. Who are we blocking or excluding from worship?

Jesus was not always meek and mild.

It is important:

1. Not to hinder others from worshipping.

2. Sometimes there is a place for righteous anger. It may be wrong not to get angry sometimes.

That last week Jesus spent every day at the temple.

He prophesied the destruction of the temple by the Romans.

Adam and Eve had a perfect life but then they sinned. God promised restoration.

Why did it take so long for restoration? Not sure.

Leviticus - God described the ideal new world. "To be my people."

Israel rejected God's leading and asked for a king.

What if Jesus had been accepted by Israel and he had become king?

Jesus promised us his Comfort - Counselor.

We are now the temple of the living God.

There is a new age coming. There will be no temple there for the lamb is the light and God will be our friend.

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