Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lieutenant John Blanchard

Alliance Church, Edgewater, FL
Lieutenant Blanchard bought a used book and corresponded with the previous owner of the book. They agreed he would meet her at Grand Central Station. She would wear a green dress and a red rose on her lapel. The woman he saw that met that description was frumpy and old. When he approached her she re -directed him to a restaurant across the street where his beloved was waiting.
Jesus, the new high priest is sitting down because he paid the ultimate sacrifice. No more sacrifices are needed. I cannot live the Christian life on my own. A glove can't move on its own. Only when it is filled with the power of a hand can it move. Only when Jesus fills us are we empowered to move.
Jesus said, "the power of the Holy Spirit will come on you and you will be my witnesses."
Jesus left the message in the hands of eleven men who kept failing him. They were transformed.
I've seen all kinds of church problems. God's plan keeps moving forward in spite of that. The church will never be perfect. A marriage should be a safe place and so should the church. It's Community. 35,000 denominations in north America.
Emperors are trying to demolish the church but it is still here.
Jesus is coming back. Let's not get the journey mixed up with the destination. This is not my home. The cross was done for you. To live the Christian life can only be done with Christ in me.
Jesus knew that there would be horrible problems in the church.
He is coming back in power.
Do something great. Get lost in something bigger than you.

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