Saturday, April 23, 2011

Manitoba Prayer Breakfast

Ron Schuler MLA invited us to sit at his table.
Donors helped LifeLight provide New Testaments for all 850 attendees.
Beautiful Songs by Polish Sokal Ensemble
Greetings from Manitoba political leaders
Prayers by the Grand Chief
Various Pastors
Rock the River presentation
Chief of Police Ron McCaskill Scripture reading
Delbert Enns Prayer for police and military
Joy Smith MP introduction of Brian McConaghy Foundation named after a little Cambodian girl
Previous job - weapons specialist with RCMP
April 17 1975 at 12 years of age Brian still could not read. Always getting bullied. Kicked to unconsciousness.
That is also the date the killing fields started. Every city and town was emptied. Every structure of society was dismantled. Millions killed. More millions tortured to death.
Domestic violence in Cambodia is rampant today.
Bran's family moved to Canada when he was a teenager. Got very good in firearms. Spent time with Asians. Traveled to Thailand. Went to the Cambodian border refugee camp. Shocked at what he found when he got into Cambodia. Got 9 tons of medicine into Cambodia under the nose of hostile Communists. Started building hospitals. Cambodian children are sold at age 6 to the brothels. It costs $30 a month to support children in an orphanage home.
It costs $1000s to separate money making prostitute owners from their property and to rehabilitate those girls.
Saw 7 little children being raped on video. Threw away his RCMP career to help them. Started a secure rehab centre to help them. Found that the pimps are also victims.
After 3 years in treatment the girls want to help the children that are still in slavery. At the Bloom Cafe in Phnom Penh the girls make cakes. For the King and the government. There girls are serving the King of Kings. They are precious "to die for" like Jesus died for us.
This is not an easy task to rescue these girls.
Faith is a vibrant freeing thing that God honours. We live for freedom justice and compassion.
The seven girls are now confident young Christian women serving others.

Blessed be God.

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