Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mennonite Sonata Beethoven Blatz

We had no tickets. We waited in line. 5 people ahead of us on the waiting list. Craig. We got the last 2 tickets! 4 people did not show up on time to claim theirs. Thanks!

This is the story of a young husband who invites his grieving Russian friend Beethovan Blatz to come to his house to fix the piano and teach his wife to play it. The husband had mumps as a young man and he is unsure of his ability to father a child. He encouraged Blatz to make sure "he learned his wife good" and sure enough she gets pregnant.

Blatz is a crazy musician who wants to write a sonata and the wife is his muse. They have the baby and everyone is happy.

Conversation with actors and author Armin Wiebe.
Mixed up low-high German and buggered English or Arminish
Mensch means oh-man.
Joy and affirmation are ll strong theme.
Whatever borsht you stir you have live with.
Enjoyed the mounting of this play so much that I might want to do it again.
The weird word order and dialect was hard to learn. They had a coach that helped them talk with an accent.
The gypsy in the hayloft was let loose. The brum topf was used at New Year's to sing New Year's wishes. No one knows the music to that song. Armin built his own from descriptions he heard from others.
The detail and comedy came from the team. They made the details work.

Whose baby is it? Will the village leave good enough alone?

Runs till next Sunday.

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