Sunday, February 24, 2013

Relationships. For Richer or Poorer

Tuesday will be 5 years since Renee departed this earth and entered the gates of glory. We are left to grieve her absence here.

Pastor Delbert:
Relationships. Everyone drags things with them that makes relationships hard. Serve one like good stewards. With whatever gifts you have received. God has given us the gift of Love. We all have enough love but may not be aware of
it. Sometimes we fail to grow.

RRSPs are on our minds. But we forget to build relational funds. Plan today to build better relationships. Read Gary's book. The 4 seasons of relationships
1. Romantic lasts for a week after the I do
2. Reality. The dream has become unattainable. No makeup and weird noises coming from the other one. So outrageous. Embarrassing.
3. Resentment winter. If you can't get over that then the relationship falters. Negotiate the differences. don't live in seperate igloos. Love becomes a choice. It is tested. Paul says that in this season you need forgiveness kindness and get clothed in love.
4. Rebuilding. Few people make it into this season. It takes effort. BREAKDOWNS can happen any time. Loss midlife crises can do it.
What are God's standards.
Feed your soul daily. Read God's word. Don't comprise your love. Drink water from your own well. Share life with your spouse. Don't hide behind other activities. Just saying sorry doesn't work. Make changes for the better. Ask and give forgiveness. Release like God released you.
Panel discussion:
Laurie and Keri Enns. 33years Winston Virginia Churchill 21years
Ephesians deals with relationships.
W. V. Had some struggles and he walked out on her and 2 kids. Changed when he realized that he needed to change. Kids prayed for dad daily. Now still have troubled from time to time.
L. K. He is task oriented. They make financial decisions together. Problem is time together. Kids can drive us crazy. Love them very much. Not always kind to each other. God, change me. Have a granddaughter and the whole family goes to the same church. Everything is purrfect. I'm stupidly in love with my granddaughter.
V. I cried to God. He provided for me. It was hard. I cried a lot. I reached out. Even with a spouse around you, you need to touch your sisters. W. God and my family forgave me. The chicken is involved but the pig is committed at breakfast. When you ask God to help us be committed separation is no longer an option.
K. We sat together and made a plan to stay together and make our marriage better.

Grow in your love for God. Make your relationship work. God created us and will sustain us.

Sign your commitment again.

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