Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sustaining Relationships

Pastor Delbert: Relationships. Gifts. We all have buckets of problems. Guilt, lack of acceptance, self-hatred, hatred in general.

If we walk into a relationship with heavy buckets and things snap because we don't want to talk about it and we can't carry our bucket and the other person's bucket.

Serve one another in love.
What interferes with that?
Disrespect for differences. Denial of the right to feel.
Failure to grow. We are all made differently. Growth happens in different ways. Sometimes things get too busy for us to grow.

1John 4.7 Love is from God. Build.

God is so good. He cares for you. Draw on God to understand and help you carry the bucket. Draw on God to help us love each other.

Marianne, Dave, Nicole,Tracy, Mark: we were designed to love each other and we need to figure out what our love languages are. Men, you need to buy a dozen roses for your love every 2 weeks.

Those who love God must love their brother and sister also.

Celebrate the love of Christ's last supper.

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