Sunday, March 08, 2015

Nobody's Perfect

Pastor Bruce

Guest musicians included somebody from Texas and Karl Kohut on spring break from Juilliard NYC
Song Alive
I was lost with a broken heart, you picked me up now i'm set apart
from the ash i am born again
forever saved in the saviors hands
you are more than my words could say
I'll follow you, Lord, for all my days
fix my eyes follow in your ways
forever free in unending grace
 'cause you are, you are, you are my freedom
we lift you higher, lift you higher
your love, your love, your love never ending ~oh wo ah ah oh~you are alive in us, nothing can take your place, you are all we need, your love has set us free ~oh woah ah oh~ ~oh woah ah oh~
in the midst of the darkest nightlet your love be the shining light
breaking chains that were holding me
you sent your son down to set me free
everything of this world will fade
i'm pressing on till i see your face
i will live that your will be done
i won't stop till your kingdom come

Hosanna in the highest let our King be lifted up

I chose this day to surrender to Jesus. I can do this every morning. Jesus lives in me.

Watoto African children's choir 6:00 pm March 29
Forgiveness course March 22 12:45

Nobody's Perfect!
Perfection: Hard to live up to! Lots of people grow up with a message that you are not good enough.
Matthew 5:48 be perfect 1 Peter 1:16 Leviticus 11:44
Some people feel condemned to always do it over and over
Always demanding the impossible

Perfection: Understanding your Destiny
Romans 8:29 chosen to become like Jesus. forgiveness from the older brother
Always begin with the end in mind
God chose us. Teleious Greek.. mature.. you're done. Jesus sees us as the finished perfect person
God's not finished with you yet!
Personal purity: pursue the perfection that is yours. Work at it. Working for Jesus is work
Become now what your are destined to be. Work out your salvation. Live as God's children. Be holy.
Osborne Colson figure skater coach lifted the fallen and made them Olympic stars
Resist the temptation to fatalism. Never say I'm a failure. The Lord is kneeling besides you telling you you can win.
Brace yourself for a battle...
Hockey is a contact sport and there will be crashes. You are in a battle. The enemy of our souls hits us all the time. He doesn't play fair. He's trying to destroy you. Hebrews 10:14 Jesus made perfect those who are being MADE holy. Substitutionary death of Jesus makes us holy.
Rest in your perfection by FAITH... God lifts us up. See yourself as Christ sees you. Talk to yourself every day. .make me more like you Jesus.
Strike the BALANCE: it's an ATTITUDE, a way of LIFE
Become more like Jesus. You can't relax and hope you'll wake up perfect.

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