Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Cheryl Bear at P2C+

We are on Treaty 13 territory. 
Always start with prayer to honour the Creator.
Book introduction to First Nations ministry. 
I was part of Broken Walls team at Urbana. 
51 years old. Young people have this openness. 40 years ago Studying Indians in Canada in grade 6. Hurons might be extinct. I felt unseen. It's always about the land. 

Felt God talk to me through the river and the trees. Baptized as a child with indigenous singers singing. 
The spirit of God talks to us through nature. God speaks perfectly through Jesus. 
Read the book The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. As the story unfolds Aslan dies for the naughty kid. That kept me a Christian knowing that God loves me so much. 
Felt like a 2nd class citizens. 

Native Concept of God grandfather. Grandparents are far more tolerant of misbehaving kids. They push away the judgemental voices. God as grandparent looks right past the issues. 
The Ancient of Days do loves you. 

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