Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Jon Corbin P2C

Was in a Christian fellowship group in university. 
What would it look like to invest your experience in your campus?
Was in music. Sat in on the radio station. Soon I had my own show playing edifying music. Engage with people. 
Event wise we started hip hop helps. WV famine. Put on a hip hop show to attract the public to support WV.
Found talent for rapping commissioned by my coaches. Went to a lot of new places. Curious about the people there. Social media has created pressure to every one to comment on everything. Read ask questions
Urbana conference Broken Walls singing group was there. Infused with indigenous music. Led in worship with Indigenous drummers. Worship together in heaven will be multi cultural. Including hip hop. My mentor kept encouraging me to translate culture seeking the heart of God. 
What do you think worship in heaven will be like? All presidents and leaders will bow their knees before Jesus. 

What would it look like if you took your passions and in faith let God bring them out. Surrender and pray. 

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