Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Martha got stuck today

That is - they did a bone marrow biopsy to do comparison studies to see if she could be a close enough mismatch to do another unmatched bone marrow transplant. See below and our website at Duecks for links to more info.

Renee was walking quite a bit today. She is feeling perfectly well and restless about not being able to go to her friends' wedding.

I was at the LifeLight Golf tournament today. Marge and many others had done a wonderful job of getting it all together to raise well over $10,000 for the new printing of New Testaments. 68 golfers had a very good time for a very worthwhile cause.

Alayna and Kara spent the evening at home today.

I am planning to fly Friday. Karalee has a class on Monday night and our neighbour, Brenda, has agreed to take Karalee to the class, because Alayna has a class at UoW at the same time.

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