Saturday, September 17, 2005

Renee wants to go to the wedding

Martha and Trudy went to Little Italy for lunch today. There happened to be a street festival going on and so lots of streets in the area were blocked off with booths all over and lots of people. They had a good time.

Renee is doing well, except that her counts are not coming up yet. She got platelets again today, and she is on antibiotics for a while yet.

I want to see Renee and her mom, so I booked a flight to New York for next week Friday. Renee wants to travel 2 hrs west of Saskatoon to her friends' wedding. So what do I / we do? Fly east while she flies west? Not likely. Something to pray about!

Here is the email she sent me:
the doctors are still not sure if I'll be able to go to ang and leigh's wedding, but if I fly into regina I have a ride to the wedding, so I'm chosing to be optimistic and say that I'm going to go. I was looking at flights, and I think what might be a good idea is to fly in and out of winnipeg, so I can be there for a bit too, and then get a return from winnipeg to regina. It doesn't seem to be much more expensive than flying straight to regina and then I could spend sometime at home too, depending on how long they'll let me be gone for. So I looked on air canada, and this is what I'm thinking...i fly to Winnipeg on the 22nd, and then to regina on the morning of the 23rd, back to winnipeg on the 25th or 26th, and then back to New York, whenever they want me back there. of course, my counts still aren't going up, and don't know when they'll do that, but like I said, I'm being optimistic and believe that they'll come up any day now. I thought I'd let you know so you can start looking for flights or whatever too.

Love, Renee

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