Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday 9-11

Gerald and Bev Huebner came for a visit today. We thought we would go to theTrinity Baptist Church this morning. We had breakfast ready for Gerald& Bev and then we went for a fast walk to get there for the 11:15 service. Whenwe got there, they told us that today their service started at 10 am and theywere just about to dismiss when we got there. They would have a street partyas soon as the church was dismissed.

They had a huge street fair on 3rd Ave today from 68th Street to 88th withbooths along both sides of the avenue. So we shopped a bit along the avenue,went to Central Park, and back to 3rd for a bite to eat (gyros), and then tothe hospital to visit Renee. After that they bought some more souvenirs on 3rd and then went to see Gerald's brother Vic at Montefiore in The Bronx at Montefiore. See the pictures at Kodak. See all ourpictures at blogspot.

Each day Renee feels a bit better. Yesterday they did an ultrasound and today they did another x-ray. Her liver and gall bladder looked OK but she still has some pain and some fluid in her lungs. She is getting stronger every day and wants to go for a walk around the hospital today.

Renee has a cell phone now. The number is 646-785-4343. The plan is unlimited evenings and weekends. She would like to talk to you but she may not have your number. She would appreciate calls from her friends or if they would email her with their phone #s so she can call them. email Renee.

My sister Trudy is booked to arrive here on Tuesday, so I am booked to leave LGAMonday at 5:46, MSP at 10:09 and arrive in Winnipeg at 11:29

Thanks for your emails and prayers--Raymond Dueck

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