Sunday, April 20, 2008

Practicing the Christian Life- Walking

Dr Timothy Keller
The psalmist says he delights in God's laws.. But it is very hard to know how they could be so delicious they could exhilarate. Oxford Prof. C. S. Lewis

Reading selected verses of Psalm 119

the spiritual disciplines. Practices. the use of Scripture. Practicing it.
1. Recognize it's majesty
2. Authoritative All for All time.
2. Tap it's power
3. Intimacy
3. Unlock the secret

1. Recognize it's majesty
Often when the Bible talks about itself it calls itself law. Every part is normative, authoritative. Something you follow for all time. Permanent. All its parts, all. Not just wise sayings.
2. Tap it's power it is freeing, culturally liberating. NY Times represents the cultural elite. 80 years ago they had different norms. How do you escape today's cultural moment? Use the Bible as your Vantage Point.
It is psychologically liberating. Euripedus the Greek Philosopher: "no one is free." Something or Someone is ruling over you.
When you have a personal relationship your will gets crossed.
How will God tell you something you don't want to do? If it is I who says where God is he will always be easy to get along with.

3. Unlock the secret
Worship the Bible as if it's a person, a Counselor, why? Jesus is the word in flesh. All the words are true. Text. Not just as text but Jesus came as the word in flesh. Jesus saved us by following the word by obeying it for you, everything in the Bible is about Jesus.

Meditate Study get the power, study it.

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