Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today we Read from Job 6

8 "Oh, that I might have my request, that God would grant my desire.9 I wish he would crush me. I wish he would reach out his hand and kill me.10 At least I can take comfort in this: Despite the pain, I have not denied the words of the Holy One.
11 But I don't have the strength to endure. I have nothing to live for.12 Do I have the strength of a stone? Is my body made of bronze?13 No, I am utterly helpless, without any chance of success.

14 "One should be kind to a fainting friend, but you accuse me without any fear of the Almighty.*15 My brothers, you have proved as unreliable as a seasonal brook that overflows its banks in the spring16 when it is swollen with ice and melting snow.17 But when the hot weather arrives, the water disappears. The brook vanishes in the heat.18 The caravans turn aside to be refreshed, but there is nothing to drink, so they die.19 The caravans from Tema search for this water; the travelers from Sheba hope to find it.20 They count on it but are disappointed. When they arrive, their hopes are dashed.21 You, too, have given no help.


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