Sunday, April 06, 2008

Read the Story

Keith Boyd

Luke 24:13- Two friends of Jesus met him and asked him whether he was the only one in Jerusalem who had rot heard of the things that had happened Jerusalem and Jesus responded with ''what things?" as if he didnt know. They responded with "we had hoped" Jesus would free us. God had a bigger plan. God wants us to learn how to treasure the eternal. We need to learn to be happy with what whave. Do we want or bird that can sing or a bird that can dance? Will we let God change our perspective? Like he did to the 2? Jesus talked to them from the books Of Moses about the Passover lamb, the feast of unleavened bread. Broken and hidden. Celebration when the kids find it. Feast of Tabernacles. Jesus connected the dots to himself.
Over the next weeks we will study the feasts of the Old Testament. We need to know the story of God. Even when things are not working as they should, God is in control. When the train goes thru a tunnel and it gets dark do you jump out? No, the engineer is in control and will take us out on the other side. God is still able to calm the storms. There is power in the story. Connect the dots. If you feel life is down read the story. The engineer is in Control. He is risen - HE IS RISEN INDEED!
Plan to attend Passover Seder April 24 & 25.

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