Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Makeover

Enduring the Unbearable
Pastor Del- Eastview
2 Sam 18-19
Some problems must be endured until God steps in.
Learn Love & Foster family relationships.
God knows and cares. His wisdom will guide you.
David's family had problems. He had an affair and his life became a tragedy. By law he should have been stoned.
Absalom undermined his father and ultimately aimed to kill the king.
The army general Joab made a point to ignore the king's command and killed Absalom. All the king wanted, was his son back. In light of the unbearable he wanted his family restored as it was before.
When his son died he was devastated. Unbearable pain. Precious son - gone. David was done. Beat.
Where is my family? David was crushed with unending grief. Joab spoke truth.
Truth teller said:
1. Face the truth. Trust
2. Reject self pity. Face the facts and move forward. Don't keep hitting yourself
3. Affirm those closest to you. Get out of the self pity mode and love those who love you.

Why wait till the bottom falls out? Adjust your schedule today. Be with the ones closest to you. Go out to them.
There may be unbearable moments in your family. Don't give up. You can not rewind the tape.
Do what you Car today. Pass on a rich relationship legacy Bless your family today.
Numbers 6.24-26
May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord smile or you and be gracious to you. May God give you shalom peace.
It is God's blessing to you.
Pray this every day.

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