Sunday, November 29, 2009

Football Canadian Grey Cup

Two years ago, I could not get the Grey Cup on TV at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. I used Renee's apple laptop to try to find it online. The only place I could find it was on CJOB Online Radi. Martha and Renee were in the room at the hospital, but neither one was interested in football, so they watched some lame TV show, while I hugged the apple in my corner.

Since we still don't have cable at our house, I went to Dan's to watch the game on TSN to cheer the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Martha went to Loni's for a stuff party. Kara is busy studying at home.

What happened? Saskatchewan led the scoring all the way but ended up with one too many men (unlucky 13) on the field, a penalty, and Montreal won by one point in the very last second. Bummer. Shucks! Someone forgot to count and they lost the game. 17-3 become 27-28 for Montreal! Let's go egg somebody's house in Saskatchewan!

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  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Hi there,
    sorry, I'm not much into sports, but the comment you left on Earl and Ramona's blog today led me to your blog here. I just wanted to say thankyou for posting the links to the Grief Beatitudes and The Mourners Bill of Rights. I thought they were very good. Now with reading some of your blog, I know you sure have experienced grief. My sympathies to you and yours.
    This is John's sister Linda, Ramona's aunt