Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vision and Leadership

Vision without action is only a dream
Action without vision is a waste of time
Vision and action will change the world.

Joy Smith MP Celebration on the passing of the Human trafficking law.
When it comes to honesty integrity leadership Joy Smith is it.

We believe the Canadian government should take the leadership to stop slavery. Joy educated us on the horrors of child trafficking. Persistency has paid off. Joy's bill has passed parliament.

Ron Schuller MLA got elected in 1999 and worked together with Joy. Mother of 6 children. Best selling author.

Joy Smith is a woman that has earned respect around the world. With courage.

Senator Mike Duffy is here:
He had trouble with Air Canada
Found out how hard it is to affect change. We have a champion Member of Parliament. Remarkable
Passionate about justice. Human trafficking.
The Conservative Members are the best.
Sir John A MacDonold and all major changes in Canada were done by Conservatives. Loyal courageous Canadians. GST. Free Trade. Conservatives are the trail blazers. Stop being so quiet. Tell the stories.
We believe in honesty fairness. Tough on crime vs. hug-a-thug. We are on your side giving you the tools to help you build a better Canada

On the elevator met Mr Microsoft. The Liberals paid $2,000,000,000 to a Quebec company for the long gun registry. Microsoft says you can't spend that much money.
The Liberals wasted billions more on all kinds of other crooked deals.

Stephen Harper is the real deal. Absolutely honest. He can be hilarious.
He takes the high road.
Canada's team standing for you for Canadian values. Canada's party. We trust the people.

We can't rest on our laurels.

A Conservative MP drove by the zoo and saw a lion dragging a child into the cage. He jumped into the cage, beat the lion off,
rescued the child and gave him back to the grateful parents. A reporter saw the whole thing and told the MP he'd be on the front page in the morning.
When the MP got the paper the headline read: Harper's stooge attacks poor African, steals his lunch and gives it to the rich folks.

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