Sunday, November 01, 2009

Morweena All Saints Day

Tim Reimer
Saints and Mennonite does not google very well.

Is there anything Christian about churches, streets, and towns named after saints? Does it matter? Do we care? Does it help?

Eph 1:1 all Christians are saints. Later some were identified as saints if they were super spiritual. The average Christian was not expected to be holy.
Saints are expected to perform miracles after they died.

A saint is a follower of Christ. An even playing field. Like Steinbach. Every one has their own church.

Is it more biblical to call other Christians brother or sister or saint?

Eph6:2 Rom 12:10 1Tim12:1,3,17 double honor.
Num 12:1-11 sin to speak against God's Anointed.
1Cor2:4-5 Reflect God not Men's wisdom. Acts3:6-4:21 Peter John heal the cripple. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. People were saved and praising God. Focus on the Power and Grace of God. We should not build our own reputation.

What do we do to recognise the leaders among us?
Heb11 Who or what is honorable? Noah Abraham gave up their own dreams and followed God. Earth is not home.
Moses gave up his cushy connections.
Samson, David Gideon were honored even though they did not follow God faithfully
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus.
Is it a good idea to name public places after people? There is some Mennonite resistance to that.

Home work. Tell someone the story of a saint in your life.

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