Thursday, August 05, 2010

Global Leadership Summit: Dr Peter Zhau Xiao

He did a study of Market Economies with churches vs. without churches.

This is the first time a Chinese Christian has had the opportunity to stand on a world stage like this.
You must lead people in the RIGHT direction.

In the last 500 years the Protestant revolution has been a most significant change.
Now China has come back. Over the last 5000 years China has been the largest economy 90% of the time.
Now China has dramatic economic growth. By the end of this year China will become the 2nd largest economy in the world. Not necessarily taking a leadership position. China has moral and environmental problems. There is no China dream. No moral leadership. There is an American dream. It includes Christian values. That generates respect. China needs to embrace Christian Values.
Thank you for all the Christian missionaries that have helped China over the years. By 1949 there were 1,000,000 Christians. God does not cease working. Mao thought he cleaned China of Christians. There are now 18-130,000,000 Christians in China. Soon China will be the largest Christian nation in the world.
There are only 2 transformations - one with the cross, one without.
America has built a city on a hill, shining the light in Asia. S Korea, Taiwan, Singapore have become Christian missionary sending countries.
China absorbs all cultures. China will integrate Christian culture.
China is chasing the market civilization. Soon they will build on the Christian faith with harmonious love society. Christian entrepreneurs keep one set of books.
China is being transformed by the cross. A Chinese "Mayflower" has set sail. China is becoming a new city on the hill as a light to be a blessing to the whole world.

A leadership that will bless the world.

You are invited to bless this process. We fear change. That's normal. Don't fear China. Help them become mature. God has given us the opportunity to influence China today and bless the future world.

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