Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hybels Leadership Summit

1. Leaders move people from Here to There. That can be tough. Hot vision. People don't want to move There. Crank up the vision. There is bliss on a stick.
To get people to move, make Here sound awful. Dr Martin Luther King made 100s of speeches about we can't stay Here before he made his "I have a dream" There speech. Staying Here breaks the heart of God.

2. It takes Fantastic people to help us move from Here to There. Sure would be wonderful if it would be Automated. Not really. It is a joy to work with fantastic people. 3Cs Character Chemistry Competence Culture - what kind of person flourishes on our team? High challenge, a mission to lay down our lives. Sacrifice is normal at Willow. Attract people who will flourish in your culture. When someone resigns is it relief or sorrow or disaster (vomit)? Ask how would you respond if any one staff members resigned. Sit down with your fantastic people and tell them so. It might get sloppy.
The holy challenge is to assemble fantastic people that fit into you culture.

3. Mile markers and Celebrations. Where on the journey from Here to There are people most vulnerable? You can lose it if not careful. Runners lose it in the middle 3rd. When you see people lose steam refill the Vision bucket. Every bucket leaks. Celebrate every mile marker along the way. What keeps people on the journey is the hope they'll get There some day. Celebrate the 1/2 way There marker. 40% difference between an inspired team member and non-enthusiastic person.

4. Whispers from God. Ask God. What is His script? Start One. Serve pastors. Help, serve, strengthen. God still speaks - he tries to speak to you every day. If you felt God transmitting to you are you willing to make sure your antenna is good? God is on your left, your right, in front, and behind. You don't have to do it alone.
The smartest moves you will ever make will be directions from God's whispers. You are a treasured child of the most high God.
Don't quit.
Step up.
Take the risk.
Make the tough decision.
Get help.
Stop running from God.
Slow down.
Show your heart.
Let others lead.
Feed your soul.
Bless the team.
Mark the ask.
Impact someone.
Come clean.
Embody the vision.
Count your blessings.
Set the pace.
Give your best.

Raymond Dueck

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