Sunday, August 22, 2010

Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat - Rainbow Stage

We bought 17 tickets for Justin's 27th birthday.
My impressions and notes:
Very musical and imaginative.
When Potipher's wife tried to seduce Joseph he said: Please stop I don't believe in free love
In jail he sings: Do what you want with me, Children Of Israel are never alone. We have been promised a land of our own. In a dream sequence Joseph is encouraged to keep hope.

The amazing music of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber 60 voice children's choir was well choreographed

People who saw this production several years ago, say this one is quite different.

Elvis Pharaoh sings about the 7 fat and 7 skinny cows. This was over the top.

JoJo became #2 and got all dressed up.

Those Canaan Days we Used to Know" song did not make much sense. Maybe Joseph and his entertaining dreams were not so bad.

When the brothers show up at Joseph's palace, they say honesty is our middle name.
When Benjamin is found guilty the brothers sing not he - but we are the guilty ones. Show him some mercy Oh mighty One please.
Now Joseph knew they were honest and he introduced himself to them.
When Joseph meets his father his father bows down to him. Then Joseph bows to his father.

May I return to the beginning. The world and I are still waiting. Any dream will do! Such a dazzling Coat of Many colors. There is one more angel in heaven one more star in the sky. Joseph's dreams will never die!

If there is a criticisim it would be that are too many styles of music for one show, but it makes for variety.

Fabulous! Don't miss it. They refer to the Bible frequently so hopefully some people will go home and read theirs.

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