Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Life of Joseph: Identity Disclosure

Pastor Delbert Enns
We are at a turning point in the story of Joseph.
We went on a road trip stood on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr Martin Luther King delivered his "I have a dream" speech. That speech changed America. It was a pivotal point in the life of America.

Joseph was the 1st born of Joseph's favorite wife and he was sold by his jealous brothers. Joseph could have considered himself a victim. Today we have a culture of victimhood.
Joseph refused to be a victim. He had a dream in the midst of scars. He had the ability to see beyond his circumstances and scars. Gen 45:1 - God sent me to keep you alive. God made me governor of Egypt - not you.

When we are confronted with injustice, our true colors come out. We need a vision 50-20 - God is making things good in spite of evil.
God has the power to transform human evil to divine good.

Joseph means remover or increaser. He was now 42 years old. He removed the pain of rejection. The family was restored. The removal of hostility.
The Norwood family lived a godly Christian life. Their youngest daughter Joy (4)was killed in a hit and run. Could they continue to love God? ''The Heart of Texas". When they found that a family friend inadvertently did it, they forgave. Mr. Norwood prayed for his friend.

The sculptor needs the hammer and chisel. And polishing tools.

We all have scars. How can God use your scars to help others? To console others.
The greatest story of forgiveness is the Jesus story. Father forgive them. Jesus knew that freedom comes for those who believe in him.
Turn my scars and pain into something beautiful.
Phil 2:15 shine like lights without complaining.

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