Friday, August 06, 2010

W.L. Gore Global Leadership Summit

2.5B$ @ year sales
CEO Terry
Create the right foundation and values. The Gores learned from DuPont creating personal relationships so people don't feel like numbers.
What's different? Peer based organization to make everyone a success. People are vested to feel part of the whole. On demand hierarchy. Decision making shifts depending or who is best qualified to make a decision based on knowledge.
Ladder vs. Lattice organization everyone connects with everyone else. We don't tell people what to do or where. Leaders have to direct through influence. The energy has to shift to the people.
How do you prevent the herding cats problem> Jake the long term foundation I. Belief in to individual 2. Small teams. 3. All in the same boat. Our success is collective. 4. Long term View - not only profit- are we helping the Community.
How does my idea get funded? Convince others. What is your passion? Peer review process allows ideas to bubble up. The teams decide where they can make the greatest impact. Everyone likes to be viewed as making the greatest impact and gets paid on peer review. People can drive their Passion.
More coaches than bosses. Everyone has a personal sponsor. To help that person grow. To be successful is so important. The sponsor really helps every one. That has been extremely effective.
Maximum 250 people per plant. 18 plants in 25 miles. Small plants allow team work. Collaboration
It is scaleable with a Core set of Values. Beliefs are transferable. Hiring is critical. Spend a lot of time with behavioral interview. Does the person's values fit into your organization?
What is the waterline principle? No manuals.
Waterline the ship analysis. don't drill holes below the water line.
Leadership defined by followership. You are only a leader if you have followers. Because you have unique skills. Spend more time explaining yourself reaching out bringing the culture to life.
What does the CFO do? Stay out of the way. Encourage change while staying true to our Values. Over 50% the associates say they are leaders.

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