Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Life of Joseph: Finishing Well

Children's Story: Why are there so many pages in the Bible about Joseph? Joseph loved God and God was with him. Joseph loved people. Joseph forgave his brothers. He got to be 110 years old. He was a good example for us.

Dave Ens
As a pastor I have the privilege of spending time with people in the last days of life. Christians have this beautiful clarity about God's love at such a time. The sense of shalom and dignity. So beautiful.

Joseph's story ends. Jacob's father comes into the picture. He wants to finish life well. 26% of Joseph's story is about death and dying. 3 chapters. Jacob's life had issues. Before his death he decided to finish well. Gen 48:1-4 Joseph and his sons cane to see him.
Rivalry can take over a team at the expense of the team. Dave's coach dealt with it. He made them run together for 2 hours. If you can't play together you will puke together.

Jacob reminded Joseph that he was here because of God's promises to Abraham. Often we look at individual accomplishments and idolize people. Too much confidence in ourselves.
Life starts with Jesus in the centre of our lives if we want balance in our lives.
Sometimes we think we need to take control of our lives and our spiritual journey.
It is God living through me. Gal 3:29 we are children of God through Christ.
Plans of people would turn against Joseph's family. Ps 146:4 don't trust princes. Trust God.
Are you striving to live on your own strength (Egyptian) or in God's strength? If you say YES to Christ you must say NO the idols of this life. You can't have it both ways.
When you live for Christ you will live with extravagant generosity. Because you know God will bless you. With abundance. You have the promise of God - what are you going to do with it?

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