Friday, August 06, 2010

Jack Welsh Leadership Summit interview

Leaders need to Energize. Energy is not enough. Spinning wheels does not work.

A leader needs to draw out the wisdom of all the smart people. If 2 or 3 buy into your ideas stay at it till everyone is in.

Authenticity. Candor. Speaking truth. Get feelings on the table. Cut bureaucracy.

Differentiation. Top 20%, 70% Vital people, and 10% are losers.
Pay must be based on value contribution. Sports teams differentiate. Is winning good? You compete for a share of the pie. Candor must be driven in. Conversation should let me know where I stand. Most people spend all their time fixing the bottom 10. Fire them.
The top 20% are A's
They energize. They have a gene that says "I love to see people grow". They celebrate their people. They hire great people. They don't have envy.
B's the vital 70%. Hard working but not as gifted as the A's. The challenge is to nurture the top of the B's to become A's. Use a red pen during the appraisal.
C's are a pain in the arms. Negative. Acidic and disruptive. Antagonize. Boss haters you may have to tolerate them but shape them up because they are smart. Candor is OK. Back Corner Whisperer is someone you need to get rid of. Stop the after the meeting meetings.
The top 20 you pay them all you can. Who are you to evaluate people into 20-70-10? Is there a better way? Tell me if there is.
Could you have grown GE without 6 figure salaries? No.
How does a church compensate their top leaders? Those people made that choice. Outcomes come from choices. Non-profit does not mean non-Performance.

Biggest failure? We act too slowly. We don't want to break the glass because there might be potential fallout. But Fallout happens anyway.
Gridlock happens.

Succession planning. You did it well. How do you pass the baton?
What's the process? Started 8 years before retirement. One of the long shots won in the end. You never know how someone will perform at the next level.

Celebrations. Leaders must celebrate small victories. Every budget has some slush.

Personal. Health scare. Spent 104 days in the hospital because of staff infection. Asked Pastor Bill to "Toss one north for me." (pray)

Did that open up your heart? Open to the next leg of my Journey. I'm going to church all by myself.

Never, ever, ever, give up on somebody. What can happen when God gets a hold of your loved ones. Listen to God's whisper.

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