Saturday, January 19, 2008


Sure was a good thing for Martha and I to spend some time in Florida.
Tuesday night we joined Sam and Wendy in West Palm Beach for supper at a very nice Italian restaurant.
Wednesday we travelled to North America's oldest city, St Augustine. Built by the Spaniards, it has lot of old Spanish buildings. And a lot of shops in those buildings. We dined at Harry's. The fish dish was OK but the salad horrible. Next time we will dine at Columbia.
After dinner we walked thru town and came upon groups of people praying at various places. We approached one group and found out that about 60 people from the various churches get together at the start of each semester to pray for the colleges and students. We introduced ourselves and before long they were praying for us and Renee.
Thursday we were scheduled to golf but it got rained out. Kim and David invited us to join them for food and fellowship at Houston's in Winter Garden. A really nice restaurant on the edge of one of the many lakes in the Orlando area. All the food is good.
Friday supper was at Conquistadora at the Mission at Howie-in-the-Hills.
Daytime was mostly spent agonizing over business decisions and talking to advisors and lawyers.
Saturday- time to return to New York via Jetblue.
Renee enjoyed her week with Niki and they cooked Christmas dinner in preparation for Krista's arrival Thursday. 3 cousins enjoying time together in New York.
Renee's counts actually went up by themselves this week for the first time since the chemo.
I plan to fly home next week and finalize some business issues.

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