Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Impresses God

Acts 16:1-5
Character: A Definition

Kharakter: to engrave or to cut or to etch, imprint on a coin as in Ceasar's image

Someone who reflects the image of God. Jesus did that perfectly.

Character is the progressive growth in a Christian's life toward "Christlikeness" as evidenced in his/her relationships and reputation with others. Progressive relational 2 Peter 1:5 add to your faith..

Your relationship with others reflects your relationship w Christ.

Knowledge breeds arrogance 1Cor 8:1-3 no one knows everything. Love God to be known by God.

Source of Timothy's Character - his mother Eunice
married to a Greek. Non believers usually get their way. Not circumcised. Timothy means to honor God. 2 Tim 3:14 he learned the Scriptures from infancy. Start early. Learn from those you know

Taleology- order and beauty created by God.

To learn the what- know the whom. If the truth will have credibility there has to be character and good relationships.

Sometimes we substitute things. Foreign Coins. Substitute for foundation character. Some have the ability to make lots of money- when that becomes what you live for- the very thing God gave you becomes a stumbling point. Brains- you figure it all out and that becomes your driving point. Charisma- Hitler had lots of it.

Pursue the gifts God has given you for God's glory. Not your own.

Jer 9:23-24 Let us boast that we know the Lord

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