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When God says "No"

Better by far is your Presence ... Nothing compares to your love poured into my heart - Mark Altrogge
Better is one day in your courts than 1000's elsewhere
When the darkress closes in Lord -I will say - Blessed be the name of the Lord
When God says "No"
Acts 16:4-10
Troas Times are when things don't work as you envision: times when God says "No". Have you ever been to Troas? Sitting on the dock - God - what's next? Macedonia- the Roman world. Paul learned a lesson
4 things to Learn in Troas

1. Sometimes God shuts down what we want to do because He wants something BIGGER. God wanted Paul to go to Europe. Pronoun change. Paid added Luke. In Troas. God had a bigger plan. Hannah never imagined that her child would become so important.
As a result of Troas:
A. Churches established Philippi, Thesselonica, Berea. Athens, Corinth
B. 5 NT books came from that journey; Phil., 1+2 Cor., 1+2 Thess.
C. Paul picked up
The brilliance of Christianity is that the fog of today will always be burned away by the light of God's tomorrow. G. Campbell Morgan

2. Sometimes God says No because he wants something later. Paul did go to Ephasus later. Deanne and I wanted to start a family in suburbia where there was grass, yards, lawns. 3 years later God asked her if she was willing to take her child to New York. She said yes, and became pregnant. Did God want Moses to lead Isreal out of Egypt? Yes- 40 years later.
Sometimes God says No so he can get us ready.

3. It might be that God has something else. Somewhere else. Rom 1:11-13 he planned many times. 15:20 ambition to preach where no one else had. Others could preach in Rome.
Testimony by Beth - was into theatre involvement - came to church as a business transaction with God. To ask God's blessing. Always was on the short list. Never got the gig. Finally become a missionary to the theatre industry. Felt like God was trying to kill me. No crucify. God has blessed me since.

Something bigger.

4. Sometimes it is someone other. 1 Peter1:1 - Peter become the apostle to Asia and Bithynia, not Paul
Elijah got upset when the wicked queen wanted to kill him. Someone else become the change agent.
We are not the only one God has called.

If you are in Troas - be encouraged.

Take some initiative - you can't steer a parked car
Be obedient to the direction God gives
When God stops you, have faith that He's got something else in mind.
You don't always need to know why.

This message is for 2 groups of people
1. Those who know God has called them to be change agents for Christ.
2. Those who are afraid to move- sitting- stuck. Let this be your kick to start moving. Then God can give you a vision.

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