Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel Joys

http://www.hotwire.com/ was 1/2 price of everyone else. So I booked with them. When I wanted to change the flight to Wednesday United would not. When I got to the airport the kiosk told me I was one day early and my flight was on Wednesday.
When I checked with the agent she said I had to fly today but the flight was 1-1/2 hrs late. When I got to the gate the plane was leaving early with only 3 passengers on board.
The next flight got cancelled so they put me on the packed 2 PM flight that left at 2:15 for Chicago. That meant I would miss the cancelled 3:03 flight to Winnipeg. Now I'm scheduled to arrive Winnipeg at 1:30am. It takes 16 hours to fly 4hrs. Got to bed at 4am New York time. Breakfast meeting in the morning.

I had the apartment keys in my pockets so I had to send the taxi back to Manhattan to deliver the keys to Martha. Another $25 later she had them.

Renee is getting daily treatments, tests etc in preparation for the bone marrow transplant. Her lungs are still not clear and she is coughing more now. Thanks for praying for her healing. Today they were going to fix her central line, and do a bone marrow tap.

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