Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update Jan 23

Renee and I just got back from the hospital. Picked up three and half thousand dollars worth of medication, paid for by our wonderful Canadian health care, and a falafel for a late lunch. $5.40 for one and it is enough to feed both Renee and I - very yummy and very filling. It was not my goal to make anybody jealous!

The prayer request from the last update has been answered! Renee's platelet and RBC counts finally decided to stay up. Thanks for praying!

Today I'm asking you to pray that the infection in Renee's lung would clear up very soon or shrink to the extent that they can do surgery. She was switched to a different medication and that requires going to outpatient's every day, and to urgent care on weekends. Today they started a very low dose of chemo to make sure the leukemia doesn't come back before the transplant can be done. We are meeting Dr. O'Reilley, the head of the transplant team on Friday.

I was at a care-giver's meeting today, with the dance therapist as a special guest. She plays music and we just do stretches and that kind of stuff, nothing too crazy! It was good to release some of the emotional stress that everybody around here carries in abundance.

Pray for emotional energy for our family to be able to handle this, and the upheaval due to the untimely business deal. That is the reason why I have been writing the updates. Our time in Florida was not as relaxing as it could have been, due to this stuff we had to deal with.

Ray flew home yesterday. He was almost to the airport when I realized he had taken the set of keys with him for the front door that we need when there is no doorman - Saturday evening and all day Sunday and sometimes in between when he goes on a break. So I called Ray and he sent the keys back with the cab driver. He gave me the driver's cell phone number and the cab number. There are a million yellow cabs here! Half an hour and $23 later, I had those keys again. Renee was wondering why it took me so long to get to the hospital, all on account of Ray being so exhausted.

Justin's van (mine but he has taken it over, now that I don't need it) was towed last night. He had to work over-time trying to get the book keeping mistakes fixed and when he got out, the van was gone. The manager gave him a ride home and Kara took him to work this morning. Ray was picking him up and then they have to go get the van from the pound. This always happens when it is frightfully cold.


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