Monday, February 11, 2008

Flying, Birthday Celebation, Etc...Etc.

Kara left NYC yesterday and got home at 2.a.m. I booked a free flight for today and the only thing available was 1st class via Denver! 4 hrs west then 2 hrs east. What a life!

My sister Gloria arrived on Saturday. We made a special birthday dinner for Martha on Saturday. See Martha's blog. I will miss her birthday on the 12th.

Gloria, Martha, and Kara went exploring downtown yesterday! Rice to Riches for dessert, followed by pizza for lunch and then the South Street Seaport. See Martha's blog for some pictures.

Other visitors we expect this month include Alayna, Justin, and 2 of Renee's friends.

Renee keeps getting anti-fungal meds, and recovering from the pain of lung surgery. By the end of the week, the doctors would like to start a 2nd round of chemo, followed by a booster stem cell transplant, using peripheral blood, not bone marrow, from her mom. Eventually, after she recovers from that, they want to do the real bone marrow transplant.

I'm on my way to Manitoba for a series of meetings with staff and advisors. Decisions have to be made to grow the future of Vidir Morris, Innovaat International, WeEat, as well as BEST (Biomass Energy).

What does the future hold? Only God knows. And a God that is big enough to hold the future is a God that's big enough for us to trust. See my blog from

I'm writing this on the way to Winnipeg via Denver. They just started showing an episode of The Office.

The book I'm currently reading is "The Lord & His Prayer" by N.T.Wright. Life changing! Enlightening! many good books...need more time for reading. My next book is Entrepreneurial Leaders by Richard Goosen

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