Friday, February 15, 2008

Travel travel travel

Ronald asked me how many flights I had taken in my lifetime. I have no idea. 50 per year for 20 years makes 1,000. 1,000 miles per flight makes a million miles or 40 times around the world!

The paper this morning says that the U.S. 5% of the world's population produces 25% of all the manufactured goods produced in the world. China's 25% population produces 10% of all manufactured goods. Succeessful companies have 1 out of 14 employees doing R&D 1/14= 0.07 (7%).
U. S. net worth now at 112000MM/300MM= $373,330 per person (373×4= $1,492,000 per family) an increase of 27% during Bush's presidency. Canada's net worth? 25% of that?

I had a good week. I have a 3hr layover and a 1hr flight before I can hug my Beloved.

The top picture is of the sunrise this morning at the Winnipeg airport, and the bottom picture was taken of the sunset at New York this evening.

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