Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hell again!

This week has been a week of chemo. Renee has a line from a portable pump loaded with enough poison to make her real sick. This pump works unattended 24/7 delivering a steady stream of chemical to the central line on her chest.

Each day she had to go in to the day hospital for more intravenous meds including a daily dose of anti fungal.

Yesterday and today they gave her another kind of chemo, that made her nauseous and nervous.

---- Saturday -------
Now she is in Room 930 for the weekend. Someone needs stay with her for the night. That was me. Mommy wanted to spend some time w Alayna. She is leaving this afternoon.

The night was rough. Puking retching and diarrhea every hour.

Justin woke us up this morning. He missed his flight. After a few calls I had him rebooked on a later flight. He should still make the connection in Montreal.

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