Sunday, February 03, 2008

Where can wisdom be found?

Dr Timothy J. Keller

Job28 The apex of the book
Suffering is about the subject of wisdom.
1. the importance of wisdom. Gold and Silver are like pebbles when compared to wisdom.
Lots of choices are knowledge based. Key life decisions usually require wisdom. Technology and human science can't find wisdom. Wristwatches are not for hammering nails. What is it for?
What are we here for? What is a good human being? What ought to be? Science doesn't get there. MacIntyre says it can't be found in human reason. v20 where does wisdom come from? From God. Science can never give you a reason for suffering.
C.S. Lewis- how would Hamlet ever find out about Shakespeare? Only lf the playwrite gave some revelation about himself inside the play.
God set things up so there is order in the world.
1st part of Proverbs says be good get rich. 2nd part says nothing ever works that way.
Job's friends were out of touch with real life.
Why do some people get better under suffering while others are destroyed. Pain comes our way. It will happen. Shock about the pain can be over whelming. You should not be shocked at pain. Be wise learn from the Creator. Deal with shock thru the wisdom of the Word.
Pain and shock. Will the shock take you out.
4. How do you handle the pain? the fear of the Lord. To trust God in spite of the darkness and confusion. Elizabeth Elliott talked about the shepherd that seems to drown the sheep when treating them for bugs. God is the great shepherd. Absolute trust is required. God wrote himseelf into the play. Jesus is wisdom. Watch him. Jesus felt forsaken. He did that for me. That's proof that God loves me.

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