Sunday, February 03, 2008

Standard People

Acts 16:16-34
An acknowledged measure of comparison
Standard Person is a person who is consistently able to live a life of Excellence and integrity which forces others, by the quality of their life, to choose to either live up to the standard or simply bail out.
Lombardi was a standard person who called others to a high standard some could not live up to.
God's standard should be reflected in his people. You are called to be a standard person. If you rent it you can't change the basics. If you own it you can change it. God doesn't rent you. He wants to renovate you so you will look like Jesus
Paul was a standard.
3 responses to standard People
1. Rejection by the money makers. Our culture is the same. OK to worship Christ as long as you are not causing the boss to loose money. Paul faced false accusations. Extreme rejection. We need to expect rejection. Joseph's brothers said we are what we are (shepherds) and we don't plan to stick around.
2. Bewilderment. In jail. v25 Singing while others listened "I've got the Joy. Joy. Joy" 30,000 gods in that culture.
3. v31 joy Respect- what must I do to be saved? The plan of God was to get Paul into jail so he could bring redemption to the jailer.
3oo# guy Ken Ray in Snook TX became a Christian when Keith was in high school as a result of Keith's witness.
500 people in will impact 10,000 this week. Are we going to show Christ to them? Are we going to be standard people? As Jesus would have us to be?

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