Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Father in Heaven,
Here we are right now almost blind to what is going on with Renee and the pain and the anguish, the doubt and uncertainty her family are engulfed in yet You see. Yet You are present and they will never be alone. They never need fear what the next minute or hour holds for You are holding Renee safely in the palm of Your hands. Lord my heart cries as a mother's heart cries for her child. My heart cries for You to spare her life. To bring her healing. To bring an end to this
terrible cancer that is ravaging her body. To heal her once and for all and show the power that is available to all who believe and call on Your name.
I think of Jesus on the cross and how He agonized with what He saw coming ahead as well and how He recalled to the people that He could call upon a thousand angels that would save Him, that His Father hears His plight but Jesus surrendered to His Father's will and knew that even
though His Father's answer was no, He was there. He was watching and waiting for Him and He would never ever let Him go. Father I ask for another way. I ask for a miracle of healing. I ask Lord that Renee's life be spared. WE are but a moment here on this side of heaven, but
Lord she is so young and her life is just beginning. I ask that You would calm the war that rages in her body. I ask that You would fill her mind with messages of You and that Your presence would permeate every member of that family. They have been down this road so many times. Give them grace and peace and strength for each moment and help them to look only unto Jesus. You alone know what the next hour, minute holds and into Your hands we commit Renee and her life and we trust You Lord. We trust that Your ways are not ours, neither is Your thoughts ours. We say Lord not as we will but thy will be done. Give us the peace and the courage and the strength to submit and surrender to Your plan for her life. Through the precious name of Jesus Christ we come and we pray amen.

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  1. Dear bereaved friends,

    There are no real words to say when your beloved child leaves this world before you. Our hearts grieve with you that Renee had to leave. It's like my husband said when we stood at the death bed of our son. "I am so jealous." Your lovely Renee is now face to face with our our glorious Father, and with our Jamie. Just remember, each tear you/we shed are what I call "love tears." Never be ashamed or try to hide them. They are God's gift to us to express our love for our beloved kids. We are so sorry that you must travel this journey. Renee's awesome journey has just begun! I can only imagine our kids enjoying the adventures of Heaven. The hard part is being left behind. We care so much. You are lifted up in the prayers of thousands of His people and by God Himself.


    Ken and Trudy Klaver, in memory of James and Renee