Sunday, February 17, 2008

Refuge or Rescue?

Club or LifeSaving Station? Is Trinity a life saving station? A place of rescue? The story of Paul is not the book of thoughts - it is the book of Acts.

Life is messy. Are we change agents?

Acts 18 Paul had as invitation to keep on preaching but he declined. why? the timing was not right. Paul goes to the young churches to encourage them.

Paul leaves Ephesus and comes back later. We need to be sensitive of how and when to share the gospel. Most of us are afraid to share.

People need to see that we care. Go to Ruwanda? 2nd mission trip. Elderly woman approached Robin by bending low- the highest form of respect. Because we came back. Show we care. Give of ourselves. Sensitivity. Encourage.

Ch 19:8 Paul spoke boldly for 3 months. Effective change agents need to be bold and persuasive.

Am I as bold as God wants me to be for the cause of Christ? What does God want me to do?

(This week I shared a Scripture with a 19 year old university student. She was on her way to Paris with her boyfriend's family. She had a long layover in Toronto, and was happy to receive The Living LifeLight.)

Paul's teaching brought others to a point of decision. Paul took the believers and discipled them daily for 2 years. As a result everyone in Asia heard the name of the Lord. Who are you investing in? Write down a name. We all have to reach out and touch everyone. Who is investing in you? Reach out and touch someone. Ch18 Apollos got discipled by other leaders. Aquila and Pricilla. He made a difference.

1. Sensitive
2. Be Invested
3. Be Bold and persuasive.
4. Call others to decision
5. Invest in others

Keith Ledger's death was sad. Where will he spend eternity? Where will your neighbour spend eternity? Are you reaching out to your neighbour? The Son of man came to seek and to save the lost. Are we rescuing others? Are we the holy hug? The Frozen Chosen?
Pray for us. Martha was too discouraged and tired to go to church this morning.

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