Saturday, March 22, 2008


Woke up at 5am- oh, the pain of searing loss! Why? Why? Why? Why did Renee have to die? Who will continue her work? No one! No one can do what only she could do!
Will the church be mobilized for missions, will someone continue Renee's passion for changing the world thru the arts? Who?
How will we get over this pain? This agony? How will her friends get over the pain? Can they forgive us for the publicity Renee got that she would have hated?
What can we do to help them get over the pain?

Tuesday nite we went to Meiji Sushi for Renee's birthday. Since Alayna had to work that night, all 5 of us went to The Tomato Pie for Italian food on Wednesday nite. They gave us complimentary cannolis for desert. Renee would have loved that. She introduced us to cannolis in Little Italy New York.

Thursday our neighbours, Ken & Julia, brought a delicious supper we enjoyed at our house.
Friday we went to the early service at Eastview and to Martha's mom for the afternoon. Today Cal and Anna treated us for lunch and an Indian film at FreezeFrame Winnipeg.
Tomorrow we look forward to having our dear friends Henry and Martha at our house for the afternoon. Next week we plan to drive to New York via Toronto, with stops along the way to visit friends, including hospitalized Aunt Esther.

On another note - Kara is almost done with a compilation of the memorial services on DVD. We'd love to send everyone a copy for the cost of a donation to

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