Friday, March 28, 2008

Trip to NYC

We did not have the energy to leave on Wednesday. By 2 PM Thursday we finally got going. We stopped for a business meeting in Morris. When we were done with that, we discovered that I had left our passports at home. By the time we got home and then got going again, it was 6pm and we got only as far as Fargo.

This morning we got up at 6 am and arrived in MSP by 11 where our friends Tiger and Wally Johnson joined us for lunch. The Johnsons started IBG long before we started LifeLight. They have been a shining example to us.

We stopped for a bit in Wisconson Dells and got to Laporte, IN for the night. We have 12 more hours to go to get to our apartment. Our NYC arrival deadline is the evening service at

What is our mood like? We talk, we listen to music, we play Scrabble, we stop for pictures, gas, and nature? and exercise breaks. 11 pm we are exhausted. Goodnight!

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