Monday, March 17, 2008

Renee's 24th Birthday

Tomorrow is Renee's 24th Birthday. Exactly 3 weeks after promotion to GloryLand. You are welcome to send emails to us and or continue to write on her FaceBook wall. Your tributes will become part of her Book of Remembrance. Some will be published in various venues.

We celebrated her legacy in Vancouver on Saturday. Last nite we dined with some of her friends at Tio Pepe's Restaurante Mexicano. She had told us to dine at that restaurant during her last hours of consciousness. Pictures will be posted on my blog.

Alayna and Justin have arrived in Winnipeg. We arrive later today.

Your prayers have helped us through this valley of tears, agony, and loss. She will be unspeakably missed. We look forward to meeting her in GloryLand.
Raymond and Martha Dueck

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